Campus Visits


Due to the number of requests Saint Mary’s receives each year for campus visits, we have created a two tier visit program. From September through December, we offer classroom observation and a campus tour for eighth graders. These visits are done in small groups of four or less. Saint Mary’s has reserved 18 days for campus visits for eighth grade students. The group visits begins at 8:45 AM and will conclude at 12:30 PM. These Student Campus Visits are limited to 30 students per day.

The Student Campus Visit Program includes:

♦ Welcome and Remarks

♦ Classroom Observation

♦ Tour of the Campus

♦ Conversation with the Director of Admissions

♦ Lunch is provided

Please check with your child’s grade school to see if they have already arranged for a campus visit.

In addition, Saint Mary’s will offer one-to-one shadow visits for those who apply to Saint Mary’s in February 2020.



During the Student Campus Visit Program offered from September through December, there will be days where parents can visit the campus on the same day their child is visiting. The parent visit programs includes:

♦ A Presentation and Conversation with the Admissions Director

♦ Campus Tour

♦ Lunch courtesy of the Admissions Office

♦  Join in the Presentation by the Admissions Director to the Students



Saint Mary’s must continue to keep the integrity of classroom instruction and educational atmosphere in tact during the visit programs. This is why we limit the amount of visits from students to a particular number of days. Our students are used to having eighth grade students enter their learning environment. This is a process they went through and know that our younger guests will go through the same experience. Having adults enter the classroom environment is different. To preserve the classroom environment, Saint Mary’s does not allow parents to observe instruction while classes are in session. Having adults visiting classes on a regular basis can be disruptive to the educational environment that the teacher is creating.

Open House will have mock classroom sessions where teaching styles are demonstrated.